• ~NuMb perfromed LIVE at Civil Junction on March 28th doing 9 songs which included a mix of originals, instrumentals & covers. Lahore based band Naqsh also perfromed after ~NuMb.
  • The live video footage has been uploaded here.
  • Pictures have been uploaded here.
  • Here is a part of the review written by Mr. Hashim Nauman
    ~NuMb and Naqsh take Islamabad by storm.
    Civil junction was the venue for one of the most talked about concerts.Naqsh from Lahore and Islamabad’s very own ~NuMb was to play there. The time for the concert was 7:30 although setting up the equipment took half an hour. And then the sound check took another half an hour while the members of both the bands set up their instruments. A concert of this big a scale hadn’t happened before in Civil Junction because this time it was tonnes of equipment, drums, amps, speakers, and mixer. The concert started at 8:30 when Khurram Waqar (kW) of ~NuMb introduced Sarmad of Rungg and Salman Yasin a member of Mind Riot.Sarmad and Salman sang a Dream Theater cover, the song being” silent man” it was immaculately done.
    Then ~NuMb took over and Khurram requested the audience to let him do one more sound check. I believe it was an appetizer rather than a sound check just to get the crowd into the mood. The sound check gave an idea as to what was about to follow.” Some great music”.~NuMb kicked off with a Guns n’ Roses cover “welcome to the jungle” the choice couldn’t have been better. As soon as Khurram played the starting riff the crowd went into a wild frenzy. The song was excellently done although the vocal level wasn’t quite up to the mark but Qasim (vocalist for ~NuMb) did a pretty good job in getting the song across. Then they played the classic Whitesnake song” Is this love” once again Khurram showed his class on the guitar and the bass and the rhythm were pretty good too.
    Along with their total command over playing covers their own original songs deserve credit too. Next up they sang what seems to be the total” in song” these days called “anjanee rahein” it was well done. Then the vocalist said that they would play an instrumental which is based on a raag as soon as he said this screams of “Deepak” could be heard. And Khurram didn’t disappoint the crowd either, he played it beautifully and the use of the wah pedal quite prominent.

    The rest of the review can be read here

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