• ~NuMb perfromed LIVE at Laser Tag, Karachi on March 27th for ARY Musik's Xtreme doing 10 songs which included a mix of originals, instrumentals & covers.
  • The performance will be aired on ARY Musik in May. Details will be posted on the website.
  • Pictures have been uploaded here.
  • Here is a part of the review written by Mr. Faraz Ahmad
    ~NuMb…. an Islamabad based band formed by Khurram Waqar and Qasim Ali(formerly from the band called Entity) performed past Saturday the 27th of March at Laser Tag Karachi. The band consists of, Qasim Ali(vocals), Khurram Waqar(Lead Guitars), Abdul Ahad(Rhythm Guitars), Mohd. Faraz(Bass), and Shajeel Wasif(Drums).
    The band opened with one of their original track called, “Anjaanee Rahain”. The track has been composed well, with clever chord progressions, rhythm, and drum patterns, which lock your ear and don’t let go. The vocals also do great justice to the song, and as I found out later, Qasim Ali is a great singer with quite the vocal range, up his arsenal. The song has been blended well with a meaningful solo, which literally bends your ears to take you through its amazing sound-scape. The mood of the song is kept chronic, with an appropriate intro, chorus, and verses, which have been picked up or brought down well. Overall, a nice catchy track demonstrating the maturity and capability of the band.
    The band also performed 3 instrumentals, which were composed back in the days of, “Cocytus”, which was an instrumental band based in the US. Khurram Waqar was the lead guitarist of the band, and is now demonstrating his song writing skills by playing them with his new band ~NuMb. The instrumentals were called, “Stormtrooper”, “Dark River”, and “Deepak”.
    Stormtrooper” revealed the heavier side of the band. Not only that, but it was able to convey the true technicality of Khurram Waqar as a guitarist. Khurram’s interesting use of legatos, combined with sometimes shreddy chops, seems to establish his name in the book of top-ranked guitarist in our country.

    The rest of the review can be read here

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