LIVE ~NuMb VIDEOS (Windows Media Player 9 required)

Civil Junction Concert
Original Songs

- Anjaanee Rahain (wmv )
~NuMb Classic
with the exended solo
- Lamhe (wmv)
Yadain renamed to Lamhe
- Majhee (wmv) NEW
Probable for ~NuMb's launching video
- Savior (wmv) NEW
Song about Mother Earth in 'D' Dorian with a shift to 'D' Mixolydian at chorus.


- Deepak (wmv)
Indian Classical Purbi Thaat in the key of 'E' merging into 'E' Lydian at interlude
- Dark River (wmv)
Nice Legato Stretches


- Is this Love (wmv)
The classic Whitesnake song
- Silent Lucidity (wmv)
The old Queensryche No 1 single played really well with an improvised solo in 'Eb' Lydian
- Welcome to the Jungle (wmv)
The GNR Classic played with a lot of energy