LIVE ~NuMb VIDEOS (Windows Media Player 9 required)

G3 Islamabad at Planet X
- Soundcheck (wmv)
Demo for a new Instrumental.

Original Instrumentals

- Dark River(wmv)
This time with a totally new middle section.
- Deepak (wmv)
Tempo slowed down for more hypnotic feel.
- Fatalist for a Day(wmv) NEW
Written for kW's wife. Emotional with sensual mood swings and tempo changes
- Six (wmv) NEW
The count is 6 in this one. Very groovy indeed.

- Friends (Acoustic)(wmv) NEW
Based on an Alternate tuning with a very eastern classical feel.
- Into the Battle(wmv)
This one definitely gets the crowd going.

Open Jams with Zeejah and Sarmad Ghafoor
- E Lydian Jam (Coming soon)
kW, Zeejah and Sarmad show their playing styles with improvised solos.
- E Minor Jam(Coming soon)
Improvisation at its best.
- E Dorian/E Minor Jam(Coming Soon)

Breathtaking stuff with kW, Sarmad and Zeejah bringing the house down.
- E Phrygian Jam(Coming soon)
What a way to end the show. Some killer solos all around.