LIVE ~NuMb VIDEOS (Windows Media Player 9 required)

Guitar Workshop at Dunkin Donuts, Khi
Lydian Soundcheck(wmv)
The mystical feel played with a subtle touch by kW

Soundcheck (wmv)
With Faraz Anwar on drums

Original Instrumentals

- Anarchy(wmv)
This one is all about the hypocrisy in society.
- Deepak (wmv)
The Indian Classical Purbi Thaat with its own vintage feel
- Hailstorm(wmv) NEW
Brutal Anger with the wah wah shred and double bass

- Into The Battle(wmv)
Turning out to be a crowd favorite

featuring Faraz Anwar

Open Jams with Faraz Anwar
- E Lydian Jam(wmv)
Both kW & Faraz Anwar show their playing styles with improvised solos.
- A Mixolydian Jam(wmv)
featuring Gumby on drums and Mohd Ali Jafri on bass. Improvisation at its best.
- A Dorian Jam(wmv)

featuring Gumby on drums and Estes on bass. Breathtaking stuff with kW and Faraz Anwar bringing the house down.
- Harmonic Minor Jam(wmv)
Faraz Anwar showing his magic.