LIVE ~NuMb VIDEOS (Windows Media Player 9 required)

AlHamra Concert

(zip) (wmv)
A must download instrumental with abrupt time signature changes.

Anjaanee Rahain (zip) (wmv)
Trademark song played to perfection with an extended wah-wah outro solo.

Dark River(zip) (wmv)
Check out Khurram's blistering solo work all live.

Yadain (zip) (wmv)
Executed very well.


Froebels Concert

Welcome to the Jungle (zip) (wmv)
This Guns N Roses cover played with a lot of punch and energy.

In the End (zip) (wmv)
Guest appearance by Ahmad Ali Butt of eP on this Linkin Park cover. Also check out Khurram's extended stacatto solo burst right at the end.