- Salman Rafique

  • Drum kit
    Pearl Forum standard drum kit with lots of additions in terms of odd noise makers. I call my concert set 'The Syndicate'.
  • Guitars
    - Ibanez RG 7420, the seven stringer with a thunderous low-end and lush high end!
    - Ibanez RG 550 EX, one of the most beautiful guitars I have ever seen.
    - A humble Profile electro-acoustic with a bright, sparkly sound
    - Also, Surge's native bass guitar, the 'Ghulam Fernandez' currentlyy resides with me.
  • Amplification
    - My guitars are played over a Peavey 'Bandit' 80 watts amplifier (sporting a superb 'Sheffield' speaker) through a V-Amp2.

Education - Bachelors in Computer Science, GIK

Other Occupations - Currently working as Project Manager Software Development in Ultimus.

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