When asked to explain the kind of music ~NuMb plays, it is always tempting to elaborate on the state of mind that gives birth to our music. ~NuMb(pronounced as Numb) is symbolic of the phase that transcends the physical world connecting a person with the spiritual energy of the universe. One might be numb by worldly standard but is in fact on a heightened plane of awareness, of energy and of enlightenment. All of ~NuMb’s music reflects this phase, this sudden rush of energy which gives birth to music in our case and all art in general. Only art is everlasting, hard hitting and binds us all in a silent understanding of the things the artist has felt and tried to convey to his listeners.

It is a gift but also comes with responsibility of being true to the source nurturing it. It is for the reason that ~NuMb does not centre music around commercial concerns. Such an attitude, unfortunately prevalent in today’s society, limits the spiritual and timeless essence of music. Music today has become a commodity to be packaged, distributed and sold to the widest audience possible, garnering maximum profits for the pieces of plastic we buy. That being said we also strongly believe in the average listener’s intelligence and do not agree with misplaced ideas equating popularity with lack of substance.

Most of ~NuMb’s music tends to explore powerful emotions, specific moments, certain people relationships and particular events which resonate powerfully as we try to understand ourselves and the world around us. We do not aim to have a large body of musical compositions but only put through quality pieces governed by unique ideas and techniques. Each melody is a different journey, starting with something personal and then refining it to create a certain mood. It helps that the different band members resonate very well with each other and are able to recognize and work upon a good idea.