~NuMb(pronounced as Numb with "~" being silent) came into existence in early 2000. Khurram had just returned from Saudi Arabia after a year of working as a civil engineer and had come up with a lot of new and fresh musical ideas. He rejoined Entity after a year's gap and some of his ideas were incorporated in Entity's original material whereas a lot of the ideas would not have gelled very well with Entity's style of music which was more towards the aggressive side.

So Khurram decided to form ~NuMb, his side project. Qasim, who was also in Entity at that time, really liked the material and also decided to be a part of this project. There was no looking back after that.Together they recorded some demos and at the same time kept playing with Entity. They performed at Lahore's rock festival held at Alhamra Cultural Complex Hall No 1 in June 2001 along with Entity, Seth and the other rock acts.

After that Khurram left for USA to pursue his masters whereas Qasim went to Saudi Arabia to work but both kept in constant touch deciding to record the material upon returning to Pakistan. While in USA, Khurram kept writing original material and formed an instrumental rock outfit, Cocytus, performing regularly at the university campus and recording a 12 track instrumental album.

Now both of Khurram and Qasim are back in Pakistan and back in action. ~NuMb is back!!!!!!