Khurram recorded a 12 track guitar instrumental album with his band Cocytus in USA. Here are 4 exclusive live tracks from that album. To learn more about Cocytus click here.

Forest of Error Written by Frank Boukamp, Rodrigo Escobar & Khurram Waqar
Deepak It is based on the Indian Classical Purbi Thaath. Written by Rodrigo Escobar & Khurram Waqar
Anarchy Written by Khurram Waqar & Rodrigo Escobar.
Dark River Written by Rodrigo Escobar & Khurram Waqar

Exclusive New Samples (right click to save)

Bite The Hand Written by Khurram Waqar in Eastern Classical Bhairon Thaat.
Fatalist for a Day Written by Khurram Waqar